San Sebastian – Where there are no bad views!



Early in the morning our group met in the hotel that we were staying at for the bus bringing us to the seaside town in Basque country called San Sebastian.  It was a lovely road trip through mountainous terrain.  Quaint farms dotted the hillsides with occasional sheep out to pasture.  Our guide was from the town of San Sebastian and graciously shared little tid-bits of life in this particular area of Spain.

The Arbitrary Swoon San Sebastian

Located in the Bay of Biscay, it is hard to miss the incredible beauty of La Concha beach and the surrounding buildings.  The skies cleared up for the day that we were there and the views were incredible!

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Our tour began at the San Sebastian Cathedral.  Built in the late 1900’s in the gothic revival style, this detailed church is hard to miss as you walk through the old town.


As we meandered through the streets we went through a lovely area called the Constitutional Square.  This used to be the location of bull fights, and the numbers on the upper balconies were boxes used to view the fights.  Today it is filled with quaint shops and outdoor cafes.


Txokolate – also known as chocolate.


I thoroughly enjoyed watching the people of San Sebastian.  They were incredibly friendly, smiling back if you smiled at them.  Several locals stopped to say hello to our guide, and all were helpful to the English speaking Americans.

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We went to an outdoor market of flowers, vegetables and fruits.  The displays were marvelous to see and made even me, a self proclaimed vegetable hater want to bring a few veggies home!


The indoor market focused mainly on fish and other creatures of the sea.  Again, the displays were incredible, and I loved watching the people cutting the fish for their customers.


 We spent the afternoon wandering the narrow streets, picking up nick-knack souvenirs, and trying new restaurants.

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The weather was amazing and it felt good to simply sit and stare at the sea.  Why not?  All part of the San Sebastian experience!

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This is probably my favorite photograph! I could sit and watch the boats bob around in the water for hours!


Our little group! The lovely lady in the center holding her bag is not actually a part of our group, we met her in the hotel lobby and she joined on in when we prepared for a photograph. Why not?