Tis the Season!

My first attempt at a neutral tree and I think that I love it!

Well, next week is the week… for most of us that entails gathering with our families, eating turkey & stuffing until we are in a very nice food coma and a bit of shopping until we drop on Friday.  I’m totally guilty of participating in all of these events, with pleasure, but there’s also something else that I personally shall do to shake up my world and that is the annual Christmas Decorating!  I wait until Thanksgiving is over but then it’s on baby… it’s on.  I believe at last count I had 28 boxes of Christmas cheer and probably added a few new ones last year.  We do things big in our house…  but tastefully.  Well… let’s keep it real, sometimes a bit gaudy, but I can only keep it simple for so long and my inner glitter goddess comes out.

My attempt at a natural, neutral tree.  I like it!

My attempt at a natural, neutral tree. I like it!

This past year I had three trees to adorn (2012) My front room tree as seen above in neutrals, my entry room tree with simple white lights and red berries, and my small office tree, my wildcard with turquoise craziness splattered from top to bottom.  I love them all and they suit all of my various personalities.  I’m not sure how I will update each of them this year… but I will…  challenge accepted, oh yeah…  challenged accepted.  Photos to follow!Just a quick thank you to From My Front Porch for sharing a photograph of it on their facebook page.  They found it on pinterest roaming around without a link, and I am incredibly flattered that they liked my NOEL!


You can find them at http://www.frommyfrontporchtoyours.com/ and it is a wonderful site, featuring so many of my favorite things!  Check them out!