My Pinterest Addiction and the Mes Amis Vintage Antique Show

My gorgeous niece poses with one of our favorite finds!


I have to admit, I am addicted to Pinterest.  Yep.  I have 3574 pins, on 65 boards.  I follow 608 other fellow pinners and have 597 followers, very few of which I actually know on a personal basis.  I have mapped out more to-do projects on my ‘Me and My Pink Hammer’ board than any one person could complete in a lifetime, and since I married the man of my dreams prior to this vast, magical world of Pinterest, I am content to pin not my dream wedding, but my dream 20 year Anniversary party coming up this summer.  I am so rocking those decorations!  He he he…  I will let you in on a little secret though… I have NO intention of completing all of those crafty, organization projects.  Nope.  I’m an organizer, not necessarily a doer.  I can appreciate all that goes into the process, and love to have the answers to all of life’s complex cleaning problems organized and available upon a moment’s notice but that is where it ends.  Have I ever done any of my pinterest projects?  Heck yeah!  I’ve cooked recipes, scrapbooked, made personalized buntings, taken fabulous photo advice, learned how to use photoshop… and the list goes on… but in the real world, who has the time to do all of the things that they pin?  Not me!  But I do have the time to dream… and to collect and organize my dreams, all in my special place called Pinterest, and I do it fabulously!  Why am I sharing this bit of information you might ask?  Well when I get the opportunity to go out into the world and touch, feel and smell {yep smell} some of the things that I’ve been pinning for years, well I go baby… and the opportunity to see some of the things that I love arose this past weekend at the Mes Amis Vintage Antique Show held in old town Roseville.

My gorgeous niece poses with one of our favorite finds! Oh, and yes… I have a board for that tiara on Pinterest!


What a joy to find such a large variety of vintage repurposing and stylized in such a beautiful way!


I have been attending these types of ‘shows’ for years now.  What once might have been referenced as a flea market is simply no more… There has been this incredible resurgence of recreating, reusing and repurposing what was once considered old into something new and these shows have evolved into boutique-like little markets that are refined and beautiful places to visit.  Can you believe it?  There are people out there that follow their passion and share their Pinterest creations with the world!  Can I get an Amen?  I LOVE these people!  Not only do they recycle in the purest form, but they display their wares in such an incredible manner that it is a joy to my heart seeing such creativity!

Locker Love

I fell in love with these old lockers… I have so many ideas already pinned on Pinterest on how to use them!

I spent hours walking through the booths, touching the creations, smelling the old books, oohing and aweing over the antiques and clever displays.  The live music kept my toes tapping as I weaved my way strategically up one side of the street and down the other, certain not to miss a single thing!  I snapped pics of my faves and moved on to snap some more…what a great afternoon!  I bought a couple of items and can’t wait to share one in particular with you… but that’s a Pinterest project for another day… 


So after perusing all of the booths, I finally picked my favorite. It certainly was not an easy task, but I loved Rustic Urban’s signs so much that I bought one right away and would have bought that ‘Wake Up and Be Awesome’ one if someone hadn’t snatched it up right in front of me! That will teach me… they say if you love something then buy it without hesitation! That’s okay, I bought one of the adorable yellow hearts and can’t wait to put it into the perfect spot!

The Arbitrary Swoon

Some snaps of a few of my favorite things… bought one of the chalk board displays at the last show and have my eye on the fabulous olive buckets!