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Welcome to The Arbitrary Swoon, where I shall attempt to appreciate those random, yet breathtaking moments of an otherwise ordinary life.  You know those moments…  hearing your children giggle { there simply is no better sound }…  watching the sunset with your hubby as you drive down the road {while blissfully pretending the kiddos aren’t screaming in the back seat}…  finding the perfect shade of grey after hanging 37 samples across your livingroom wall { guilty }.  They are the same and different for all of us in varying swoon factors.  The key being to stop and appreciate them… don’t let life go by without acknowledging them.

Now… let’s talk ‘about me’.  An amazingly common statement made by the women in my family { I kid you not }.   I happen to be a part of a family of outspoken, opinionated, designing women who seep creativity from the tops of their perfectly coifed hair to the tips of their twinkling toes.  Generations of style have surround me my entire life.  We’ve got artists, jewelry designers, decorators, party planners, you name it, I’m related to one! My particular loves include photography, travel, genealogy and design… oh and writing a bit.  Not only do we each design in our own, special way, we are all pretty sure that we are princesses.  Ask us, we will tell you.

One of my earlier crown creations...

One of my earlier crown creations…

Growing up, I thought that everyone could color coordinate, recognize the difference between the ‘right’ and the ‘wrong’ place to hang a picture on the wall, could ‘see’ a photograph in their mind and mentally imagine capturing it.  But apparently I was wrong!  Who knew?  In my world everyone just ‘knew’ how to do those sorts of creative things.  No schooling necessary.  No training. No fancy terminology.  We could just see it.  Feel it.  Not that any of those things aren’t wonderful to hone the skills, but some things I believe are innately within.  Now in saying all of that… I’m pretty sure that I am the least creative of the women in my family.  I am certainly the least ‘coifed’, as I dare to leave the house in yoga pants and a messy bun { gasp }.  I did not get their flawless beautiful skin, cheerful dimples { well I have a few of those, but not in the right cheeks }, or slender physiques.   It’s ok.  I’m almost over it { give me a moment as I assume the *swoon* pose with the back of my hand poised gently to my forehead }.  I suppose that’s why I like to see the beauty in those random, simple, everyday moments.  That’s my thing.  As much as I like the designer bling, the majority of my life is spent appreciating simplicity of wildflowers in a mason jar.

Mom & I at the flower shop around 1981.

Mom & I at the flower shop around 1981.

On that note, I thought that I’d share a few random facts about the ‘least creative’ one… you know…  so that you can get to know me better!

  • God is the greatest thing in my life.
  • My husband and boys are the next best things in my life.
  • I love to geocache with my family {a groovy high-tech treasure hunt}.
  • I cannot cook… at all… it is said that dinner is done in our home when the smoke alarm goes off.
  • I am a messy person… shocking for creative people, I know…
  • I’m the kind of mom who screams “Let me get my camera!” when she sees her boys covered in mud from head to toe.
  • Things have got to color coordinate… yep… distracts me to no end when things don’t mesh!
  • I have a weakness for biscuits and chocolate gravy.
  • My grandmother was a florist, my mom was a florist, and I grew up in a flower shop. ‘Nuff said for my love of design… it has enveloped me since birth.
  • I would love to travel the world… staying only in castles…
  • Ruffles taste best with an ice cold can of Pepsi, and canned bean dip. It’s a fact.
  • My hammer and toolbox is pink. Naturally.
  • When typing I tend to use a lot of dot dot dots… you know… like this… … … … Creates the dramatic pause… if only in my own mind…
  • I’m too chicken to get a tattoo…  I can’t commit to a favorite color so how in the world could I possibly commit to one design on my body forever? Nope. Not happening.
  • I sing REALLY loud in the car, and much to my children’s dismay, I don’t care if people see me.
  • I have a weakness for reading historical romance novels… shameless I know…
  • I dislike exercising… unless you count walking, while shopping in a large mall…
  • I like to be called “Auntie” not “Aunt”.
  • I love to trace my curly willow family tree!
  • My favorite card game is ’31’ with 3 quarters… and I usually can win some serious coinage from those making the mistake of playing me.
  • I pack a staple & glue gun. Don’t mess with me.
A recent shot of a few of the girls in the family...  wearing our homemade tiaras around town.  {can't be shy in this crowd!}

A recent shot of a few of the girls in the family… wearing our homemade tiaras around town. 

 If you would like to send me a note… feel free to contact me at marci@thearbitraryswoon.com