Twirp Time!

‘Tis the season again for spring dances at the local high schools.  Last night was my son’s last Twirp dance.  Ever.   He’s at the ripe old age of 17 and will be graduating in a few months.  Bittersweet.  My son has had a camera in his face pretty much since the moment that he was born so it’s pretty safe to say that he’s over it.  Not interested in the pose, or saying cheese with a toothless grin…  I’ve ruined him.  LOL!  Well he graciously allowed me to take a few photos and I will share the sneak peak with you!

The Arbitrary Swoon Twirp

Oh and one of my gorgeous son by himself…

The Arbitrary Swoon Hayden

One more share of a couple more on their way to the dance!  These kinds of photos are so fun to take & edit!

The Arbitrary Swoon Twirp



  1. So much fun! Great photos! 🙂

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