Gypsy Bleu

Earlier this month I did something totally spontaneous and ordered a bit of chocolate…  I mean who can blame me?  Chocolate is a fabulous treat!  The old adage, ‘a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips’ might work… except I planned on keeping this little bit of chocolate with me for at least 12-15 years, and no exercise was going to rid me of the little one.  Yep, one.  I ordered a bitty chocolate cockapoo/spoodle mix from a breeder and couldn’t wait to bring her home!

The plane ride was a long one, infact two hours late and as we sat waiting alongside a gorgeous St. Bernard in the airport I couldn’t help but to worry about how the delay was going to take it’s toll on our little one!  12 hours after she left Missouri, she arrived in Sacramento and as we cut the zip ties off of her crate she scrambled joyously to be released.  She climbed all over us licking and sniffing, back and forth so excited to be out of her little crate!  My husband & I handed her over to our son Koltin and then proceeded to drive the hour drive home to our house.  Our little one, Gypsy Bleu slept on the drive home, occasionally looking out of the car window and the passing cars.  She didn’t eat much that night, but drank a lot of water, and slept most of the night.  Nice.  This was going to be a breeze!  The next day I noticed that she wasn’t eating much, drinking a lot and she slowly seemed to be sleeping a lot.  The following day was a Sunday and I noticed that she just wasn’t perking up, she was still not eating much and seemed to be lethargic… no puppy barks, no more investigating as a normal new puppy might do.  Sunday night I decided that this was not normal and something was wrong.  To the local 24 hour veterinary hospital I went where she was kept overnight for dehydration via an IV tube.  Blah.  They did a bit of testing, assured me that she was fine and home she went the next day.  Unfortunately, the pattern resumed of her feeling poorly and by Christmas Eve, as we prepared for the church service, I asked my husband to bring her back again, as she was rarely waking up and was not eating without a syringe filled with her food.  She stayed at the hospital through Christmas and finally, the evening of the 26th they called to say she was ready to come home, there wasn’t much more that they could do there, that I couldn’t do at home.  So we brought her home, on three medications, a fancy food and very clear orders on how we were to take care of her.  Memories of taking care of my 17 year old son as a preemie came back to me as I recorded feeding times, medication times, etc.

 Gypsy Blue Roams

I am happy to say, although she is still finishing up her antibiotics she is doing much better and is finally allowed to leave her crate and explore the world.  This afternoon, we let her roam around our property a bit and I took a few photographs.  She’s a cutie!  You’ll notice on her front legs where they shaved her to put in the IV… poor baby!

Just so that you know, you can keep up with her mischieveous antics on her instagram page!  There are many adventures to come!

Gypsy Bleu RoamsThe Arbitrary Swoon Gypsy Bleu

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