Printer’s Trays – Scrapbooking on display

On a trip to Denver this past year, I happened to stop in a scrapbooking store, and featured in it was something called a printer’s tray.  I immediately knew that I was going to have to give it a shot!  Scrapbooking that you displayed, and didn’t hide in a book?  Dare to dream?  If you  haven’t seen a printers tray, it is basically a thin wood tray with a handle at one end and the tray is divided by thin wood dividers.  You scrapbook various photographs, and other embellishments on it to suit your own style.

Well, as Christmas neared I happened to be at my local Hobby Lobby {so it’s about an hour away, but well worth the drive} and what were displayed at 40% off?  Yep.  The aforementioned printer’s trays!  Yea!  I immediately grabbed several of them and decided to give them to several family members as my Christmas presents.  I did a few searches on Pinterest and found that there are quite a few examples of elaborate beautiful printer’s trays.  Well needless to say I jumped right in and got 5 of them done for 5 different household and of varying subjects.  I wish I had taken photographs of each of them, but I did take pics of my first two.  You will notice that they are pretty much the same photographs used in each box, but due to the configuration of each of the dividers, I had to rework how to display them.






They are a little rough, not perfect by any means, but I love the concept!  Can’t wait to find some time to do some more of these!







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